Binance coin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Price Tumble, Bitgert Price Skyrocket, Up By 120%

Binance coin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Price Tumble, Bitgert Price Skyrocket, Up By 120%

Binance coin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Price Tumble, Bitgert Price Skyrocket, Up By 120%

by Analytics Insight
March 14, 2022

There are so many factors that make the Bitgert coin bullish when the market has been bearish.

The bear market is back and most cryptocurrencies are already red. Some crypto projects have already seen significant declines, but others have skyrocketed over the same period. Binance, Ethereum, and Bitcoin coins are some of the cryptocurrencies that are falling in price. Corn Bigert (BREEZE) skyrocketed and increased by 120% over the same period. Learn more about the performance of these cryptocurrencies below:


the Bitter the price has exploded in recent weeks. There are so many factors that make Bitgert coin bullish when the market has been bearish. The biggest development around this coin was the launch of the BRC20 blockchain, the first chain with a zero gas fee mechanism.

the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the first chain without gas, and that’s why everyone wants to buy BRISE. Thousands of investors are buying Bitgert during the bear market, including whales, which have sent the coin soaring even when major cryptocurrencies crash. With the bitter exchange is expected to launch in Q1, BRISE is expected to continue to soar.


centcex will be the next big thing in the crypto industry after Bitgert. The most exciting thing about this project is how fast it is growing. Although Centcex has only been around for three months, the team has already started developing products. The other thing about the Centcex project is the vast collection of projects running on this ecosystem. This will be one of the biggest as the Centcex team builds an unlimited number of products. Centcex could be the product to compete Bitter in the coming months in terms of products and projects.


Ethereum has also been one of the plummeting cryptocurrencies in the market. The coin is already red for gains made in the last 24 hours. It is one of the projects whose price has dropped in 2022, with the last 30 days showing a dripping Ethereum. Although the market was bearish, Ethereum was among the biggest losers. With Blockchain more sour coming in stronger, the Ethereum project has a tough competitor to beat.


Bitter is gaining a lot in the market right now, but bitcoin has fallen. There are a number of things that cause the price of Bitcoin to fall, and the falling market is one of them. But there have been many issues with cryptocurrency regulations, which is a major factor driving BTC down. However, the coming of bitter chain, one of the fastest and cheapest gas charges, is also putting pressure on the price of Bitcoin. Therefore, many factors could be behind the fall in Bitcoin price.


The BNB coin has also plunged in recent days. The stats also show that BNB has plunged over the past 30 days. However, the past few days have seen the cryptocurrency plummet even further. Although market crashes may be the most significant factor affecting cryptocurrencies, bitter chain popularity could also affect BNB prices. This is after the chain was found to be faster and cheaper than the Binance Coin Chain. Competition could therefore be a big problem for the BNB project.

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