Meme Cake will soon launch Marketplace and reward 5 lucky winners with Icy Pete NFT

Meme Cake will soon launch Marketplace and reward 5 lucky winners with Icy Pete NFT

Marketplace launch, alpha testing and $MCAKE

The cake itself Marlet The alpha testing phase has already started and the full launch is scheduled for April 20. 200 lucky members had the chance to test the market and the opportunity to share 5 million in $MCAKE, the native platform token built on the Solana blockchain. Market launch is powered by Chainlink and Solana, with Internet computer protocol the integration is expected to take place during the third quarter of this year.

$MCAKE is similar to $BNB on Binance, and holders will enjoy a host of benefits including reduced trading costs, among other features. People can earn $MCAKE by mining in the market, staking, committing to the website, participating in private and public sales, and buying them in the secondary market. Additionally, $MCAKE will first start trading on Raydium, but will soon be listed on other centralized and decentralized exchanges.

What to expect

Meme Cake’s NFT origin is called ‘Rich’, and it can be acquired from the Marketplace Warehouse ICP NFT. Investors new to the PCI the ecosystem must first create a wallet, then fund their wallets through centralized exchanges. After that, customers can connect their wallet to Entrepot and finally acquire the genesis NFT.

Holding genesis “rich” NFTs will provide several benefits, including staking incentives, participation in the impending proof-of-burn protocol for $MCAKE, and a 1:1 Icy Pete airdrop as well as future multi-chain airdrops. Additionally, there are incentive systems in place to burn rich NFTs at %NRI (rarity index) – the higher the %NRI displayed on Entrepot, the more $MCAKE users can earn through the process of NFT engraving.

Additionally, the more NFTs burned to accumulate $MCAKE, the more likely certain users will be chosen as the next “validator”. These are members who will have more voting rights in the Meme Cake platform, as their voting rights will help them receive attractive business rewards and guaranteed whitelisting in future project launches, and much more.

Partnerships, Achievements and Future Goals

Meme Cake has managed to earn several key partnerships and collaborations with the likes of Chainlink Labs (with which they host ongoing AMAs with different blockchain communities), and Dfinity Foundation (who donated $50,000 to support Meme Cake’s efforts). The partnership with Solana Labs in particular has been very beneficial for Meme Cake, given the importance of the market on the Solana blockchain and the appeal to members of the Solana community. More recently, Chainlink has also announcement that they will help display accurate conversion prices for NFTs with Meme Cake on Solana.

In terms of achievements, Meme Cake reached around 20,000 ICPs in trading volume in Entrepot and became one of the top ten most traded NFTs in the ICP market for the aforementioned Rich NFTs. Moreover, in less than 3 months, Meme Cake has built a whole new market from scratch. The team also recently announced plans to launch the Genesis platform known as Meta Railwhich is a P2E game, aiming to be the ‘Axie Infinity‘ from Solana. As such, the Meta Rail private sale has been exhausted and applications are no longer being accepted.

Going forward, Meme Cake will strive to ensure that there is no chance of pulling all-in and also focus on introducing reputable Solana project launches only to the Meme Cake marketplace and its presentation to members of the Solana community as well as the final integration of ICP. NFT trading in the market as well. Rest assured, Meme Cake takes all necessary steps to ensure that investors can feel safe with their NFT investments and that the market is highly secure.

About Meme Cake

Meme Cake is a multi-channel social NFT platform where communities can promote projects and sell or buy them at an early stage. Projects enjoy the highest visibility from verified platform members and can be easily funded with strong communities that can be built with minimal difficulty.

Another crucial factor to note is that all projects launched on Meme Cake will come with a carpet proof guarantee, ensuring that consumers always feel safe and confident in the projects launched. The project teams are also doxxed and the DAO reviews the milestones of the project. Needless to say, there are many attractive perks and incentives when it comes to Meme Cake, and the aforementioned new market will only provide more fantastic opportunities for Meme Cake users in the future, so it is recommended to create an account as soon as possible. as possible.

Additional information and regular updates are available on the official website as well as on the Discord, Telegram, Twitter and other social networks canals.