Ethereum, BNB and Bitcoin bear market benefits from strong price growth

Ethereum, BNB and Bitcoin bear market benefits from strong price growth

by Analytics Insight
March 13, 2022

Bitgert is not only a unique crypto project, but also a revolutionary crypto project.

A bearish Ethereum, BNB and Bitcoin benefited Bigert (BREEZE) in a big way. The price of Bitgert coin has increased exponentially as more and more investors, including whales, join Bitgert and accumulate.

But why is it Bitter profiting from falling Ethereum, BNB and Bitcoin prices? Well, here are some exciting facts about Bitgert making the biggest gain during the crypto markets crash:


Bitter is not only a unique crypto project, but also a revolutionary crypto project. 2022 has seen the Bitgert team launch some super exciting products, and the BRC20 blockchain has been the most disruptive. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is still the hottest topic in the crypto industry, as Bitgert is the only blockchain to have successfully implemented the zero gas fee mechanism in its protocol.

Reducing gas charges to near-zero figures is the biggest disruption the industry has seen in a long time. the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain also became the fastest channel after hitting 100k TPS. This makes the Bitgert channel the most powerful project and everyone wants to buy BRISE. This is why Bitgert’s price soared during the bear market, which attracted investors from plummeting projects like Ethereum, BNB, and Bitcoin.


Many cryptocurrencies fell during the bear market, but centcexjust like Bitter, is among the coins that have shown impressive resistance to growth during a bear market. Centcex’s innovative design is the reason investors bought CENX even during the bear market.

The design of the Centcex project is to focus on building an ecosystem with the greatest number of products. The products will drive the mass adoption of Centcex to increase the price of coins and generate huge revenue for staked tokens. This is the next project to watch after Bitter.


The drop caused the Ethereum price to fall at a rapid pace. A look at the last 30 days shows that Ethereum has fallen with over 16% drop at the time of this writing. This is at a time when the Bitgert coin rose almost 1000%. This is the main reason why Bitter takes advantage of the Ethereum bear market.

With this growth, even Ethereum whales have joined Bitgert. Note that the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain rivals the Ethereum blockchain with its faster speed and lowest gas fees. This is why many members of the ETH community have joined Bitgert.


Over the past 30 days, Bitcoin has fallen, and at the time of this writing, BTC is down 10%. That’s a huge drop, and yet Bitcoin traded below $40,000 this week. This drop when Bitgert surged was the reason Bitcoin investors buy Bitgert.

The tough competition from other blockchains like the Bitgert BRC20 also causes Bitcoin to lose the traction it once enjoyed. This is one of the reasons he was among the biggest losers. But even with Bitgert offering a superior chain, it will take massive adoption to beat Bitcoin.


The number of BNB investors, including whales who have joined Bitgert, has grown rapidly. This is after the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain started proving to be superior to BNB. The Bitgert Chain is faster than the Binance Chain and also offers lower gas fees. This is why the BNB community believes that Bitter is the next big thing.

With BNB falling over the past 30 days when Bitgert was bullish, this prompted Binance community members to join the coin. With the coming of bitter chainwe will likely see more members of the BNB community join the coin and accumulate BRISE.

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