Ethereum price goes sideways, while Bitgert price rises 120%

Ethereum price goes sideways, while Bitgert price rises 120%

by Analytics Insight
March 7, 2022


The plummeting market continued to bite, and most top-ranked cryptocurrencies fell. Ethereum is among the major cryptocurrencies whose prices are destabilized by the current bear market. Ethereum price is now going sideways, at a time when Bitgert price has skyrocketed 120%.

the Bitter The project has been going very well for the past few days. This is evident from the surge in prices and the rapid growth in market capitalization, which is now approaching $800 million. But why is Bitgert coin showing such impressive growth during bearish marketing? Here is more about this project and why Ethereum is among the biggest losers:


The performance of the bitterer piece has been impressive in recent weeks. The coin has grown exponentially over the past few days as the price has soared non-stop. As of this writing, the price of Bitgert has increased by 120%, making it one of the fastest growing coins in the market.

The launch of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the reason why the BREEZE price is skyrocketing non-stop. Bitgert is the world’s first blockchain with no gas fees, which solved the problem of high gas fees. Expensive gas fees are an issue that Ethereum and many other chains struggle with. The BRC20 blockchain also overtook Solana to become the fastest chain.

These characteristics make the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain the most powerful chain in the industry today. The expected mass adoption of the Bitgert chain has prompted more investors, including whales, to buy more BREEZE, which creates a bullish Bitgert coin.


The market is now watching Bitter due to its revolutionary blockchain, but there are also other crypto projects worth looking into. Centcex, although left too many miles behind by Bitgert, is one of the projects worth considering. The Centcex project is one of the unique projects in that it only provides blockchain users with a range of applications.

centcex will build a blockchain ecosystem where the team will develop an unlimited number of products. With hundreds or even thousands of products, the adoption of Centcex will be very high, which will increase the value of the Centcex token and also increase staking revenue. This is why Centcex is a project in which to invest now.


Being the second largest cryptocurrency in the market by market capitalization size has made Ethereum one of the most stable projects. But the Ethereum chain, being a PoW, has encountered many challenges that have made it less attractive to developers and most users. Ethereum’s biggest challenges have been scalability and the cost of gas.

Ethereum still has one of the most expensive gas fees on the market. Although the team is working on a protocol migration to PoW, there are more attractive chains that beat Ethereum in terms of performance. Bitter BRC20 blockchain is one of them with zero gas costs and the fastest chain. It is one of the chains that Ethereum will have to beat to attract more users. This is how the Ethereum price will stabilize and rise.

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