EXCLUSIVE: 5 Best Solana Projects To Watch According To The ‘Solana Legend’

EXCLUSIVE: 5 Top Solana Projects To Watch According To 'Solana Legend'

Benzinga’s NFT show “The Roadmap” regularly reviews non-fungible token drops and recent mints that investors and collectors should have on their radar.

The show Featured a named guest Legend of Solana recently, who shared their five favorites Solana (CRYPTO: SOL) projects to watch. Also known as SOL Legend and just Legend by the community, Solana Legend is a well-known voice in the Solana community and currently helps out on NFTs at FTX.

Solana Monkey Business: Launched in June 2021, Solana Monkey Business (SME) Featured a collection of four different space-themed monkey NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

Solana Legend called Solana Monkey Business “Solana’s CryptoPunks” given their historical importance to the world of Solana and said they were “grossly undervalued compared to Ethereum NFTs”.

Solana Monkey Business has a limited supply with around 5,000 NFTs compared to the 10,000 in many of the larger and more valuable Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) NFT based collections. Steve Aoki and Steve Harvey are among the celebrities who own Project Solana NFTs.

Solana Legend is the co-founder of MonkeDAO, the first NFT DAO on Solana, which is exclusive to Solana Monkey Business owners. The DAO offers a staking and a future token.

The current floor price on Solana Monkey Business is 140 SOL, or approximately $14,215.

Chimp: A collection of 222 non-generative, hand-composed Chips is the second choice of Solana Legend.

The collection was chosen due to its low supply and exclusive community.

the floor price on Chimpions is 195 SOL, or about $19,800.

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SolGods: A 6,666-variant NFT collection featuring high-quality art PFPs is Solana Legend’s third pick.

“Best project in terms of design, fine art PFP,” said Solana Legend.

He called the project having a “good community” and a “relentless team that never stops”.

The project is also affordable, with a current floor price of 3.9 SOL, or around $396.

The collection characteristics unique pieces and chose to bang on Solana because it’s “the future of NFTs.” In a Medium post, SolGod said the project started with modest ambitions. The team plans to create three factions within “The Fracture” which will be dropped for free to SolGods wielders.

The team too noted he is working to bring merchandise from a company that has worked with Bored Ape Yacht Club into the future. Upcoming plans also include bringing The Fracture to life with game developers.

Photo-finish game: Horse racing simulator Photo-finish game is another project that Solana Legend loves.

“Like the Zed Run of Solana,” he said.

The game is in progress developed by several former employees of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) who have experience building a previous horse racing game and have built a live simulator used by media companies.

The new game will allow players to earn, breed, buy, sell, train and race horses to earn real income.

Solana Legend said the game is perfect for Solana because it comes with low transaction fees and fast transactions, even faster than those on Polygon (CRYPTO:MATIC) used by ZedRun.

Photo Finish Game created male studs in September for around $70, Solana Legend said. Male stallions now cost over $600 each.

“It’s the beginning of the lineage,” Solana Legend said of the male stallions. “Race, breed, and trade in-game.”

Boryoku Dragonz: A collection of 1,111 Dragon NFTs on Solana, Boryoku Dragonz is one of the most expensive collections. Boryoku Dragonz offers daily token airdrops and a farming game with token burning mechanics.

The collection will launch 5,0000 Baby Dragonz as part of its future roadmap. The BOKU token is dropped to Dragonz holders. The token will be used in the future to raise and hatch baby dragons.

“Like SOL’s CyberKongz,” said Solana Legend.

The collection has the highest floor price on Solana, he pointed out. The current floor price is 370 SOL, or approximately $37,569.

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