Mila Kunis’ Studio Releases Solana NFT Anime Series, The Gimmicks

Mila Kunis' Studio Releases Solana NFT Anime Series, The Gimmicks

In short

  • The Gimmicks is a new animated web series that lets viewers help shape history via Solana-based NFTs.
  • It is made by animation studio Toonstar and Sixth Wall, the digital arm of actress Mila Kunis’ Orchard Farm Productions.

NFT can represent works of art and digital media, but they can also cultivate community and give holders a real say in the future of a project.

The Gimmicks is the latest example of this approach in action. Originating in part from actress Mila Kunis’ production studio, it’s an anime series that uses Solana NFT to allow fans to shape the storyline and character arcs over time.

Developed by Web3 animation studio Toonstar in partnership with Kunis’ Sixth Wall, The Gimmicks is an animated web series about failed professional wrestlers trying to get back into the squared circle spotlight.

Toonstar CEO John Attanasio described it to Decrypt like “South Park meets WWE, but interactive and bolder.” The Gimmicks emerged after professional wrestlers Luke “Doc” Gallows and Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson were released by WWE at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They tried to collaborate on animated shorts for social media, so they could spread their stories and let their creativity run wild (and preserve their sanity),” Attanasio said. Decrypt.

From there, Toonstar began developing the concept of The Gimmicks, which features the voice acting of Gallows and Anderson alongside fellow FKA wrestlers Enzo Amore and Rocky Romero. Comedians Dave Ihlenfeld and David Wright, who worked on Family Guy and Star Trek: Lower Decks, will write the series.

The Gimmicks features former WWE stars as voice actors. Image: Toon Star

The Gimmicks follows in the footsteps of Smoking catsthe Ethereumbased on an anime series that was funded by the sale of NFT last July. This project was created by Orchard Farm Productions of Kunis with voice actors like Kunis, her husband Ashton Kutcher and Jane Fonda in the mix, as well as guests like Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin.

Now, Orchard Farm’s recently started digital branch Sixth Wall is collaborating with Toonstar on this Solana-based counterpart.

Sixth Wall partner Lisa Sterbakov described The Gimmicks as “an iteration on the Stoner Cats”. [concept] with the possibility of even more community engagement and interaction with the public.

“No one has the ideas that push the potential of Web3 or create content as fun as Toonstar, and no one can transform content so quickly,” Kunis said. Decrypt. “The Gimmicks lets us experience what it’s like to create in and around a community, taking technology seriously but keeping the content fun.”

The Gimmicks Announce NFT Mint Free

Toonstar and Sixth Wall will launch 10,000 Solana NFTs – each featuring a unique character – to build community around the project, with the public mint taking place on March 18.

Unlike Stoner Cats, who sold their Ethereum NFTs for around $785 worth of ETH each, The Gimmicks’ NFTs will all be free (the only cost being Solana’s transaction fees).

“We felt that offering a free mint would encourage a much wider range of participation by reducing the cost of entry into our crazy world,” Attanasio said. “Our goal is to help create a new generation of franchise intellectual property with block chain communities, so we think monetization will take many forms if we build character worlds that people love and want to be a part of.

At the end of each episode of The Gimmicks, NFT holders will be able to vote on which story path the next segment will take. This is a ‘choose your own adventure’ inspired design similar to Shibuya, the recently unveiled Ethereum-based video platform co-created by NFT artist Emily “pplpleasr” Yang.

The Gimmicks will also feature an on-chain social layer called “DIC Punch” — the acronym referring to a decentralized inclusive community — which Attanasio described as “our version of Facebook poke, but harder.” The interactions of each NFT holder will be recorded on the blockchain, with a ranking to highlight the top contributors.

Attanasio said Toonstar chose Solana for its low transaction fees — critical to on-chain social layer functionality — and lower environmental impact than some competing blockchain platforms (like Ethereum). The studio aims to “engage both beginners and newbies” with The Gimmicks, he explained, and chose its platform accordingly.

Unlike Stoner Cats, The Gimmicks video content will not be entirely exclusive to NFT holders, although they will have access to episodes before the general public. Kunis suggested that The Gimmicks offer new users an accessible way to start interacting with Web3 and NFTs.

“It goes hand in hand with our mission to bring new people into Web3,” Kunis said. “We know that those curious about NFT may be afraid to get started, but Toonstar’s ideas, technology and content, combined with the low transaction fees and low environmental impact of the Solana blockchain, make it an entry point. easy.”

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