Solana & Cardano in Freefall, as Bitgert’s Price Soars After Its Blockchain Launch

Solana & Cardano in Freefall, as Bitgert's Price Soars After Its Blockchain Launch

Solana & Cardano in Freefall, as Bitgert’s Price Soars After Its Blockchain Launch

by Analytics Insight
February 14, 2022

The Bitgert blockchain is not like any other blockchain in the industry – it’s zero gas fees and lightning fast.

News of the Bitgert blockchain launch was the most discussed topic in the crypto industry over the weekend. Indeed, the Bitgert blockchain is not like any other blockchain in the industry – it is zero gas fees and lightning fast. This is why Bitgert is surging while Solana and Cardano are falling during the current bear run. Learn more below about the performance of these cryptocurrencies and the new Bitgert blockchain:


Bitter is skyrocketing again this month, but this time it happens when the market is bearish. This is a time when big cryptocurrencies like Solana and Cardano are in free fall. The main reason for the $BREAK price explosion is the launch of the Bitgert blockchain mainnet, which will go live on the 15thand February 2022. The blockchain is gasless and will charge 0.000021 BREEZE or $0.0000000000001 per transaction. The Bitgert Brise channel speed is 100,000 TPS which is faster than Solana. These are features that attract thousands of investors to buy Breeze, which led to the surge of Bitgert. The Bitgert Twitter account learn more about the project.


Corn centcex has existed for less than three months, many developments are underway, particularly in the construction of the ecosystem. The Centcex team is already developing the first product, which is the Centcex exchange. But there is a huge collection of cryptocurrency apps that the team promises to provide, including dApps, userbases, and staking programs. The Centcex team’s promise of unlimited product development and 100% APY staking rewards are some of the things that make up the Centcex project today. There is so much development coming soon.


The price of Solana coins fell today as Bitgert soared. This is because of the bear market, where all cryptos are falling. However, there are developments that the Solana team is making that could improve the performance of the cryptocurrency in the future. The Solana Riptide Hackathon was one of the exciting projects. The program should bring more developers and projects to the network. Maybe Solana could push into a higher gear soon to stay competitive.


The market is bearish and Cardano is one of the plummeting cryptocurrencies today. However, the price is quite stable, making Cardano one of the coins that could do a very good rally. However, with the competition getting tougher, the team needs to do more to maintain the price growth. The soon-to-launch Cardano Hydra upgrade is expected to be one of the developments that could spark Cardano’s bull run. However, the cost of gas remains a big challenge for the team.


Avalanche is also another cryptocurrency that is crashing today. The value of the coin has dropped in the last 24 hours and also in the last 7 days. Although Avalanche is in the red, it is one of the cryptocurrencies that could do well in the market. However, with competition from Bitgert, Avalanche needs to do more in terms of speed and transaction cost. The Avalanche team also hinted at more scaling solutions, which could trigger a bull run.


The performance shown by the Matic cryptocurrency in the previous bull market showed the potential of the cryptocurrency. Matic was one of the biggest winners, with a huge percentage increase. Although the market was bullish, the performance of the Polygon network also boosted coin growth. Although the market is bearish and Matic is collapsing, the bullish market could cause the coin to explode. The expected Polygon scaling solutions could increase projects on the network, which will strengthen Matic in the market.


Litecoin is also in free fall, but the drop in price is the result of a bear market. The whole market is plunging, but Litecoin has remained fairly stable with only a 1.2% decline in the red in the last 24 hours. But there is more coming from the Litecoin project that will make LTC one of the top performers during the bull market. The MWEB upgrade is one of the biggest developments from the Litecoin team today. Keep locked for more!

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